Why did I Self-Publish Genius and Partnership?

I self-published Genius and Partnership for several reasons.  First and foremost was that I could not get any University Academic Presses interested in the book.  A typical response was, “It does not fit into our catalog.”  I translated this as saying, “We don’t think it is a compelling story.”  But when you think about it, how many editors would be knowledgeable enough concerning the history of the research that identified blood cholesterol as a risk factor for coronary heart disease to be able to evaluate the book?  Although Rutgers University Press was interested in the book, they did not wish to publish it because they concentrate on the social sciences and not on biological sciences. However, the editor there gave me very good advice and feedback and I am thankful to him for this.  Another important consideration is the design of the book.  The book contains many color photographs and diagrams, and University Academic Presses are extremely worried about the copyright issues involved in a book with many images.  And finally, the costs of printing a book with many color images are considerable.  Most major publishes use the cheapest paper for the interior of their books (take a look at the books on your bookshelf).  Books that have color images throughout the entire interior require high quality paper and the cost of color printing is very high.  Therefore, major publishers will not be able to make sufficient money on a book like Genius and Partnership.  Taking all this in mind, I decided to self-publish Genius and Partnership.  And if you buy the printed book you will be surprised how nice the color printing on high quality paper came out.  But the downside of the book is that the cost of the printed book on Amazon is $31.99.  Because of the above issues, if you buy a printed book from Amazon, I receive a royalty of less than a dollar per book!  That is why I set the price of the Ebook at $4.99.  When you buy the Ebook, you get the color images and, if read it on your computer when on the internet, you have the ability to instantly see most of the full articles referenced in the book by clicking on the hyperlinks!  Therefore, the Ebook version of Genius and Partnership is definitely a bargain!

One thought on “Why did I Self-Publish Genius and Partnership?

  1. Hi there Dr. Dixon! I met you Wednesday night after the blogger con. My name is Brandy. I have to say, the uPublishU meetings on Saturday were WAY BETTER than the blogger con. I felt like I was being solicited to promote other people’s books at the BC and one of the speakers at the uPU con really laid it on the line: about the money, copy and content, incorporating and self publishing.
    There was a company hawking their wares for a fee but covered listing at every site including Barnes and Noble (I believe) and offering print on demand. I grabbed a brochure (because I’m super cheap and it sounded reasonable at the time) for Ingram Sparks. The fee can cover putting your titles in every store’s database and save on print costs because they print on demand. I don’t work for them. It just sounded like what I might do when I’m finished.
    Also, your favorite person, Nina Amir, did a full presentation and her “How To Blog A Book” was just revised/hot off the presses for the talk. I told her that you’d given her a thumbs up.
    I wrote about BEA on my blog as well though I included all the stuff I did outside BEA too – which turned out to be a lot, many pictures/videos and 3 posts! I was EXHAUSTED when I got home to Florida!
    Anyway, if you’re interested, go see my fun at BSGODIVA.COM
    Pleasure talking with you!


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