The Amazing Story How the New Cover of Genius and Partnership was Designed


The new cover for Genius and Partnership was designed in just a few days.  What happened is that I emailed my friend, Peter Serko, and wrote that the previous cover was disliked by almost everyone who saw it.  I attached a photo of the original front cover.  I did not even ask him to attempt a new cover. That night I received several versions of the above cover.  How was it that Pete designed the cover so fast?  Well it turned out that for dinner that night Pete and his wife, Sue, were eating a salad containing olives, lettuce, red pepper, and onions covered with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Pete, who is an artist and photographer, happened to catch a shot of the salad and captured what turned out to be an amazing dream-like photograph. Also in the photograph was a glass of wine and a bottle in the background that I thought at first was a bottle of wine.  I emailed back to Pete that we would need to get permission from the winery to use their bottle of wine on the cover.  Pete sent back a closeup of the bottle, which is shown below.

Bottle of Balsamic in photo 5-5-15

The bottle was, in fact, aged balsamic vinegar from the Glover Street Market in Twisp, WA.  If you have time, please investigate the website of this market because it is one of the nicest that I know.   I contacted the owner, Molly Patterson, and she graciously gave me permission to use the bottle in the photograph in the cover.  So that is the story of how the new cover for Genius and Partnership was designed.  If you wish to have any book cover designed for your books, please contact Pete (

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