New Cover for Genius and Partnership

Cover for Genius and Partnership designed by Peter Serko.

The original cover for Genius and Partnership was designed to showcase the iconic cookbooks that were written by Ancel and Margaret Keys.  However, a survey of about 30 readers, including scientists, artists, and general readers, indicated that this cover was not inviting enough so that readers would be drawn into the book.  So I decided to have a new cover designed. I contacted my friend, Peter Serko, who is a photographer, stage performer, and playwright (   Pete rapidly designed a new cover and it was unanimous that this cover was far superior to the previous cover.  Although my feelings were hurt, I decided to use the cover designed by Pete.  The original cover is below:

Keys Cover Lg Scr Cut PS Let 4-23-15
Original Cover for Genius and Partnership that was designed by JL Dixon.

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